V-Tex Current Breeder Bucks

With the results of using a diverse group of bloodlines we have been able to produce a great line up of breeder bucks for ourselves and other deer breeders

Foundation Genes

In the beginning we began with the South Texxas genetics of Paco, Clint, Promo, Sal, and Floco. Shortly thereafter we introduced the northern genetics of the Johny Patrick line and some Kansas bloodlines.

We began using Artificial Insemination in 2003, with opened up a whole new world to our breeding program. WIth Ai breeding we introduced genetics from Eddie Ray Borkholder with Thunder 262′ Thunderstorm 217′, Silverstorm 305′, and Soaring Eagle 288′. Andy Foor’s Ratchet line of Freedom 254′ and Liberty320′. Also Rold Gold 473′ Dan Kuhn’s Wayon 305 with Waldo 302′ and Diablo 305′. The Texas genetics we used consist of Bambi 727 262′, Gladiator 305′ Big Boy 350′ Cactus Jr 216′ Bambi Sawblade 220′, Bullwinkle 243′, Buddy 2 299′ Sully 243′, Eddie Ray 265′